It's over. Finally.

The Rangers new owners are now only a vote by the other owners in MLB away from taking the reins and booting Tom Hicks to the curb.

For the record, this will be the last time I refer to Hicks in any of my articles because I try my best to keep monumental idiots out of my posts and he is now irrelevant. 

Rangers fans can now celebrate what many fan bases in sports long to experience, a change at the ownership level and to a Hall of Fame pitcher nonetheless.

To kick things off Chuck Greenberg has already said the Rangers are going to be aggressive in resigning Cliff Lee this offseason, apparently ready to go up against the New York Yankees.

However, before we start spending Greenberg's money on 2011, the Rangers have some unfinished business to deal with this season.

With some very creative moves at the deadline by GM Jon Daniels, the Rangers now have a deep starting rotation with an ace at the top, a solid everyday lineup with a reinforced bench and a power pen.

All of this Greenberg now inherits and the focus for both Greenberg and the fans can now return to the field where it belongs. 

The Rangers have opened up an eight game lead over the second place Oakland Athletics and a nine game lead over defending division champion Los Angeles.

With a tough schedule awaiting the team in August, the Rangers will have to continue playing their best baseball to keep their strong lead as well as fight for the best possible seeding should they make the playoffs.

Luckily the players have already been doing this for Greenberg and Rangers fans everywhere putting the franchise in its best position in 10 years.

With MLB set to approve the Rangers new ownership group on August 12th, there is still time for Daniels to make a waiver claim or two to improve the team.

It's not expected to happen because through all of this madness, Daniels has put together a team ready for a run to places the Rangers have never been.

The Rangers have enjoyed consistency in the front office since Nolan Ryan joined Daniels and his staff before the 2008 season and now faces a seamless transition with Ryan becoming a minority owner.

Expect a lucrative long term contract extension for Daniels in the coming months, especially with his home town New York Mets probably looking for a new GM this offseason.

Considering what Daniels was able to accomplish with very little help from ownership it will be very interesting to see what he can do with strong financial backing.

With an inexpensive young core group of players the Rangers can afford to outbid the Yankees for Cliff Lee and maybe dabble in the Prince Fielder trade market this offseason.

One thing remains certain now that Greenberg/Ryan will take over in a few days, this Rangers squad will not be the one hit wonder we all feared they'd be.

Something none of us could believe a couple of days ago as litigation over the sale threatened to last well into next season costing the Rangers many valuable pieces.

There are no worries about the present or the future now that Hicks and his issues are in the past.

Ok, that's the last time I refer to Hicks, I promise.