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The Rangers began an advertising campaign beginning in March about this season being the year the team returns to the playoffs and finally contends for a championship.

At this point the Rangers are sputtering but showing signs of coming out of what seems to be an annual April slump, but their current owner continues to be the bigger issue at hand.

Rangers owner Tom Hicks needs to take a look at the "It's Time" campaign and realize it's also time for something else to happen.

It's time for one of the worst owners in the history of sports to get out of the way, take his debt problems, which do not involve the Rangers because the team was not used as collateral for the loans, and deal with them himself.

The lenders holding the debt of Hicks Sports Group are not going to get all of their money back with the Rangers sale and need to take what they can get and move on as well.

Their problem is with Tom Hicks, not a Rangers franchise that has an outstanding ownership group patiently waiting at the front door for someone to drop off the keys to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Not surprisingly Tom Hicks hasn't gone away quietly and may have finally gone too far for Major League Baseball to tolerate anymore. After announcing the sale was a 'concern' to the few members of the press who actually care what Hicks has to say anymore, Major League Baseball responded rapidly and with some serious teeth.

"As part of the Texas Rangers sale process, Tom Hicks selected the Chuck Greenberg/Nolan Ryan group as the chosen bidder on December 15, 2009 and entered into an exclusive agreement with that group. Major League Baseball is currently in control of the sale process and will use all efforts to achieve a closing with the chosen bidder. Any deviation from or interference with the agreed upon sale process by Mr. Hicks or any other party, or any actions in violation of MLB rules or directives will be dealt with appropriately by the Commissioner."

Now I'll admit that including the entire statement from Major League Baseball was not truly necessary, but it's hard to ignore a smack-down of that nature aimed at the most hated man in the Dallas sports scene.

The next day after Major League Baseball's statement reports began to surface that Tom Hicks has been secretly negotiating with Houston businessman Jim Crane during what was supposed to be an exclusive negotiating window for the Greenberg ownership group.

I wonder how the lenders could have possibly determined a more lucrative deal was on the table and began to hold out in an attempt to force Hicks into taking the offer from Crane.

Again, Tom Hicks is making Al Davis look like a genius.

Now Major League Baseball has all the ammo they need to kick Tom Hicks to the curb, seize control of the Rangers and force the sale to a conclusion.

The lenders can forget about any deal with Jim Crane as Major League Baseball will not approve him as an owner for any franchise. Not to mention the shady manner in which he has conspired with Hicks to get back into the game.

The lenders have had their fun with Hicks, but now that he's crossed the line for apparently the last time they will now deal with Bud Selig and Co.

With Crane no longer an option at this point the lenders can either accept the Greenberg offer or take the team to bankruptcy for pennies to the dollar.

Unless they're as moronic as Tom Hicks they'll take the deal.