The Rangers beat the Yankees at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington Tuesday night and as you can expect there was a wave of overreactions to the win.

Every media outlet in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area couldn't help writing about how this one victory proves the Rangers are for real and ready for a playoff push.

Have these writers not been watching the Rangers all season long?

The Rangers have not only proven themselves to be a contender, they've also vaulted to four games behind the Yankees for the best record in baseball, yet the New York writers aren't calling this series a test for the Yankees.

Everyone makes a big deal about postseason experience when talking about a young team like the Rangers; maybe someone should tell the Dallas media postseason experience matters for them too. 

When a team is close to 20 games over .500 and has an 8.5 game lead in their division it's time to stop talking about a series against another contender as a test of their playoff mettle.

When a team is very much in the race for the best record in baseball it's time to stop overreacting when they play a good game against another contender.

The Rangers victory Tuesday night was a nice win, a deserved win, but I doubt it sent shockwaves through the visitor's clubhouse.

The Rangers players have preached one game at a time for the past month and refuse to get ahead of themselves allowing the team to not think of one win as being more important than any of the others.

Now if only the Dallas media would do the same and stop trying to make every series they play about proving themselves or treating every win against a good team as if they just won the World Series.

The Rangers are a very good baseball team that is considered a contender for the World Series; they have nothing left to prove.

No more test series to prove they belong in the discussion for a late October run.

They're beyond this nonsense now; they're contenders who still have to take things one game at a time just like everyone else in position to make the playoffs. 

They also have not clinched the AL West, yet a local column says they've won it and the national media have all but given the division to Texas.

Look at the schedule, the Rangers still have enough head to head matchups with the Angels and A's for this race to tighten.

Granted the odds are certainly in the Rangers favor down the stretch, but the players refuse to allow talk of October baseball to distract them from the game right in front of them as they should. 

There's a lot of baseball left before the Rangers can even begin to think about bonus baseball in October and the road to the playoffs will be filled with big series after big series against the other contenders in the American League.

Despite the opinion of the "experts" that follow the team, the Rangers have already passed that test this season.