And this is only the tip of the iceberg when talking about my emotions in regards to yesterday’s events at the Ballpark.

For those that might have missed what happen, here is a quick recap: 

            The Rangers held a 7-0 lead on the Oakland A’s and the game was going into the bottom of the 4th, when the clouds opened up.  After a 2 hour and 14 minute rain delay, umpiring crew chief Gerry Davis called the game.  This basically means the game never happened, and it will be made up at a later date.”

There’s what happened…and here are some facts:

  • True it rained and rained hard for 2 hours and 14 minutes, but 1 hour and 37 minutes after that it stopped in Arlington.  This means the game could have resumed before 7:00pm.
  • Texas and Oakland both have Thursday off…before Friday when Oakland returns home for an evening game and Texas stays in Arlington to host the Angels.  SOOOOOOOO…that means the two teams have over 50 HOURS OFF between the last pitch yesterday and their next game.
  • This is the 27th postponed game of the season, which ties the mark set last year, and baseball is only in the 2nd week of MAY!!!!!  I truly understand there were some times in which nothing could be done…BUT, MLB needs to step in and get these games played before all 30 teams have no off-days the final two months of the season.
  • Last week the Red Sox and Angels played in Boston, had a near 3 hour rain delay, then played 13 innings.  The game ended at 2:45 in the morning and they both played again nearly 10 hours later.  Yet Texas and Oakland did not finish and they don’t play the next day.

 The most frustrating parts:

  • Matt Harrison looked like his “first three starts in April” self again, as he was rolling through 4 innings.  Now I do understand that more than likely there was no chance he was coming back after the rain delay.  Still, there is a solid chance he would have been rewarded the game-winner by the official scorekeeper, something he could have used.
  • Mitch Moreland hit his 6th HR of the season, 1st career Grand Slam, and 2nd home run in three days…oh wait, since there was no game…no home run!
  • The Rangers have never and I mean never hit well against Gio Gonzalez, career 4-1 with a 2.78 ERA against the Rangers.  So the one time that we flat out beat him up over 2.2 innings for 7 runs…it’s rained out, not finished, and doesn’t count.
  • The last time the Rangers won back-to-back games was in the sweep of the Royals, April 22-24…really needed that confidence boost of back-to-back wins.
  • And on that same note, Texas would have WON THE SERIES.  Something they have not done since that Royals sweep and the previous time before that was the first road series of the year, in Baltimore April 8-10th

Yes, there is a chance with the Rangers bullpen that they blow the lead and lose, but think about rain delay games, when a team is up by that much.  Over 95% of the time they seal the deal once the game resumes…so I’m betting the odds here.

Even though the game didn’t count…it is true that the Rangers can take some serious confidence away with their performance before the rain out.  I will totally agree to that, but all in all, they still had a WIN robbed from them.  And the best comparison of that is the BOS-LAA game.  I’ll compare:

LAA-BOS: Night Game…2 hour & 47 minute delay…day game against each other the next day

OAK-TEX: Day Game…2 hours & 14 minute delay…both teams OFF the next day



What can be done?  Well nothing now, the decision is made.  It’s the wrong decision, and I would say the same thing if the score were reversed, just be a little happier about it.  Now the two teams will restart this game, either Thursday, July 7th or Thursday, September 8th. 

What should come from this?  MLB needs to step in and give much better guidance to the umpiring crews when there have been so many games already postponed.  Believe me, you will hear about this again near the end of the year when teams are extremely frustrated because they have no off-days. 

Gerry Davis, more than likely saw the exact same radar view that I and thousands of fans saw as well.  His reasoning for calling the game was that the radar showed another 2-4 hours of rain that evening…there was only another 97 minutes…so I have NO CLUE what radar screen he was looking at.  I hate to speculate, but still will, that Davis didn’t want to go through the steps of having to change flights as the game was going to end later.  In the end Davis needs to be held accountable for a poor decision that is going to financially cost both teams.  Both teams will have to make new accommodations in regards to a flight and hotel for the make-up game, which both will likely conflict in some way with current plans.  Plus it’s going to likely cost the Rangers’ money due to the Ballpark usage for an extra game without the extra ticket sales.  Because if you had a ticket to that game, the make-up will be free. 

This is a mishap that could have been avoided and be all-over with a Rangers win by 9pm last night.  But now it’s a headache and there are only three ways it can be fixed:

  1. Davis is held accountable for the mistake and MLB rethinks their policy in the manner.
  2. The make-up game is set for July 7th, that way the Rangers will be right in the middle of a 9-game home stand and have no extra travel. Oakland will have a day game in Seattle the day before that.
  3. The Rangers win that make-up game and with a Mitch Moreland Grand Slam as the cherry on top.