Rangers' Mania has had an interesting season so far...started off as quick as Usain Bolt, but them flutterred a little, only to have a blast in June while toying with interleague opponents.  July, however, was another visit to reality, but to date August has the makings of an October team gearing up for the stretch run.

The fans have been solid, sellouts like crazy, true there have been a few jumping ship (to be expected) and more than one local sports "personality" that continue to prove their baseball ignorance everytime they open their mouthes.  Seriously...how do you know a DFW Sports "personality" is trying to only raise his ratings, he opens his mouth.

So with that...here's a few thoughts going into tonight...

1) 71-50...TAKE IT!!!

2) Nice to see that outing from MY on Sunday (5 RBI)...again!  Like him or hate him, you do so knowing he is still the Face of the Franchise.

3) August 1st, Angels were 3 games behind Texas.  Today they are 9.5 back and 5 out of the wild card...#TheseAreFacts #40ToPlay

4) Greinke's Halo ERA is 6.19...the night before that swelled, they lost an 8-0 lead with none other than CJ on the mound...before that the Rays tagged Weaver for 7...#RaysSweepInLA #FirstTeamWithTooManyGoodPlayers

5) Greinke trade cost the Angels three of their top prospects...Jean Segura, really Halos, Brew Crew must have been jumping for joy!  And since...6.19 ERA, Greinke is 1-3 and Angels are 1-4 in games he pitches.  Ryan Dempster cost the Rangers 2 prospects that were either blocked by three other talents (Beltre, Olt, Mendonca) or still a teenager (high risk still there).  And since...true Dempster's ERA is higher than we want...but last night 8 innings, 4 hits, 1 run (it was earned), 2 walks, 6 Ks on 111 pitches.  Not his best stuff...but he might be figuring out how to pitch in Texas, remember it took Colby, Lee, and Harrison a while.  Dempster is 2-1, Rangers are 3-1 when he starts.  #Opposites

6) Quick side note: Melky Cabrera...#MuscleMelky...might be getting into a Manny Ramirez-type weird phase, actually that's not fair...to Manny.  I read about the "fake website" in your attempts to get out of the suspension...WOW!!!  If you haven't read about this, I highly suggest it.  Can't decide if he's so arrogant or so stupid to think that would work.  Either way, I respect guys like A-Rod a while lot more than Melky.  The guy is a joke...a loser...nothing!  Bo and I discussed a couple months ago and again during the All-Star Game, how is he hitting like this?  Leading the National League, having a career year, legit shot at the NL Batting Title (sadly he still does), and finally decided because it was a contract year...know we now...know we now the guy is nothing...a loser...a cheat...(spit!)...I wish the judicial system would throw the book at him and/or his entourage for this entire circus, a circus of believing you are above and better than everyone else...because you can hit a baseball.  Melky you are a disgrace to a game that thousands upon thousands before you have built.

Enough of that...let's get back to baseball...

7) I love that in his last start Matt Harrison looked very perturbed at Wash for taking him out before the 9th and not allowing him to pitch for a complete game win...LOVE THAT!!!  I agree with Wash's decision though...1) Mark Lowe did need to get some work in and 2) October starts (wins) count a lot more than August ones.  Save it Harry...Save it...the time is coming for you to shine in nine.

8) Is Matt Harrison becoming the "ace" of the staff...#LongTermExtensionTime

9) If the playoffs started today...the  Orioles, White Sox, Nationals, Reds, and Pirates would all be IN (think back two years ago and re-read that).  While the Angels, Red Sox, Tigers, Phillies, Cardinals, and Dodgers would all be OUT.  Read between the lines...AAAstros, Cubbies, M's (a.k.a. King Felix and his 24 Friends), and sorry...the Tribe are running out of excuses.

10) Though they took 3 out of 4 from the Rangers...The Rays scare me a LOT more than the Yanks do...#Remember2011

11) If the playoffs started today:  AL - Tampa Bay & Baltimore (winner) vs. New York and Chicago vs. Texas.  NL - Atlanta & Pittsburgh (winner) vs. Washington and San Francisco vs. Cincinnati

12) The fact that MY has his lowest OPS, that Kinsler OBP is way down, that Yu / Dempster / Holland have been struggling with consistency, that the "Running" Rangers are not stealing bases, and that Napoli can't seem to buy a consecutive games with hits...SHOULD SCARE YOU, MLB!!!!

Add on to that what my friend Trey Cumby said, "one addition...and the Rangers have one of the deepest farm systems in the MiLB..."

13) The American League said in 2010 that we had no chance...then again in 2011 since we were Lee-less...here we are again...Quit Sticking the Key in the Power Outlet...so I finish with...