Alright, first things first…and I’m only commenting on this because it did make the news and so therefore I’m obligated.


Yesterday around 5:30pm, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweeted that there was some discussion of the Rangers trading away Michael Young.  You know “Heart and Face of the Franchise Michael Young.”  The rumors were nothing until around 8pm when it seemed as though it was more than just “small talk.”  We know now that the Colorado Rockies approached the Rangers about this, not the other way, and let me stress that point…THE RANGERS DID NOT INIAITE THESE TALKS.  Even around 6pm, Nolan Ryan said that we are not “shopping” Young, but will listen if someone else brings up his name.  Now go back and re-read that statement because there are two ways to take: 1) I took it as – we are not shopping him, but if you bring up his name we will be polite and listen to you talk, 2) how almost all the media at the Winter Meetings took it as – the Rangers are interested in possibly trading MY, if the right offer is given to them they will in fact trade him.  Ludicrous, I know right.  In fact that second point was taken to the level of “the Rangers are going to trade MY, and are willing to assume some of his remaining contract of three years and $48MM, in order to reduce payroll so that they can sign FA 3B Adrian Beltre and then have a little bit extra money to sign FA SP Cliff Lee.”  If your laughing at this point, know that you are not alone. It’s a freakin’ joke.  Throughout the night the rumors continued to flow out from the meetings in Orlando and for a solid two hours my colleague and I attempted to find reason, logic, and whatever necessary to try and figure this out.  However during it, even when posting the news on LTR ( and Facebook, we were both physically sick to our stomachs, yet both “cautiously optimistic” that this would blow over by morning.  Morning came and our thoughts were confirmed, this was just a whole lot of BS!!!  The facts are that the Rockies approached the Rangers with the idea of the trade and Texas, as JD will tell you they do with any move, did the due diligence of listening to them and hearing out their offer.  There is no crime in hearing out any offer, in fact I would argue that it is smart business to know that for the right offer any, and I mean ANY player is available.  So that is all this was, a simple meeting in which we listened to their offer, and then the media turned that small flame into a wild fire that could burn down the entire Amazon Region.  In fact I’m hearing now that the Rangers are assuring not only the fans, but MY himself that he was not going to be traded, will not be traded, and is not going to be traded.  So there you go, I just summed up…well nothing, I just wrote a summary of nothing.  But this is what happens in the Winter Meetings, things get blown out of proportion and nothing is fact until the dotted line is signed.


I do want to add a quick disclaimer for the events last night: when I heard the news I laughed and yelled SALT!!!  I never bought into it as a legit rumor from the beginning or at any time during the nightI did have a fear in the later part of the evening that this might happen, but still didn’t believe it would because it didn’t make enough sense.  I could argue this being a good move, but won’t because if I were in charge I would NOT do it.  But now it’s over and honestly after this, there is no point in discussing something that starred in the movie “The Neverending Story”…you know: The Nothing!!!


Ok, now that a ton of my energy has been drained because of “The Nothing,” here is a quick recap of what happened yesterday:


  • Rangers Interest
    • Along with keeping MY as the 3B in 2011
    • Texas has begun to show some serious interest in OF Magglio Ordonez, he would likely serve as a similar addition to the 2010 version of Vlad, be the regular DH and play some OF
    • Strong interest was continued to be shown in Paul Konerko, right up until about 30 minutes ago when he re-signed with the White Sox.
    • Talks between the Rangers and Cubs involved Texas potentially trading Chris Davis and / or Darren O’Day, but not sure what for and think these have completely died down as the Cubs signed Carlos Pena.
    • The Tampa Bay Rays are “motivated” to move SP Matt Garza, and immediately drew interest from the Rangers.  With or without signing Lee, this could be an alternate move if the price for Greinke is too high.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m VERY interested in getting Garza, what Lee has been to the Yanks is almost what this guy has been to us.
    • Yesterday the Rangers met with Brandon Webb’s agent, and after the Cliff Lee Sweepstakes are awarded these talks could heat up.
  • Signings
    • Pirates have been busy, in the past 2 days they have inked out deals with SPs Scott Olsen (1-year) and Kevin Correia (2-years), then they added OF Matt Diaz (two-years).
    • Carlos Pena signed a one-year, $10MM deal to play 1B for the Cubs
    • Ty Wigginton signed a two-year, $8MM deal with the Rockies
    • Tony Gwynn Jr. signed a one-year, $675K deal with the Dodgers
    • The Mets signed both C Ronny Paulino (one-year, $1.3MM) and RP D.J. Carrasco (two-years, $2.5MM)
    • Paul Konerko, apparently, has finally reached an agreement to re-sign with the White Sox, three-years and $37.5MM
  • Rumors that soon could be signed
    • SP/RP Dustin Moseley with the Padres, likely one year deal
    • SP Vicente Padilla with the Dodgers, re-signing around $2MM.
    • RP Wil Nieves with the Brewers
    • RP Dennys Reyes with the Phillies
    • RP Koji Uehara with the Orioles, close to a re-signing
    • SP/RP Brandon McCarthy with the A’s…have fun with that Oakland
  • Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford
    • Honestly, nothing new that is concrete.
    • Keep hearing reports that Lee has two separate seven-year offers, but confirmed it is not the Rangers, Yankees, Nationals, Angels, or Red Sox…so I think it is nothing and till believe this is a two team race (TEX and NYY).
    • Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg, co-owner and team president Nolan Ryan, and Yankees GM Brian Cashman have all made statements that they are ready to do business and get into the grind of these negotiations…however it seems Darek Braunecker, Lee’s agent isn’t ready yet…WHATEVER!!!  Get on with this!!!
    • Cashman had a “long-Crawford related meeting” yesterday and it seems that the Yankee focus might be shifting that direction (SALT!!!)
    • There is also some growing belief that the Rangers might be better off not signing Lee and instead signing Crawford and trading for Greinke…this might have more steam that you think, nothing official talked about right now, but put this in the back of your head…so only a little bit of SALT here.  

As always more to come when it comes…