So you thought the Rangers were done.  You thought the Rangers were going to add Heath Bell.  Well guess what, when you play the guessing game with Rangers GM Jon Daniels, you lose everytime.

With about an hour left before the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline the Texas Rangers got their man.  And his name is not Heath Bell, but he was a Padre.  The Rangers added Padres setup man Mike Adams, their #1 target for nearly a month.

Adams comes over while having a spectacular season in San Diego, on the season in 48 IP, 1.13 ERA, and 0.73 WHIP.  He has 49 Ks and 9 BB on the season, opponents are hitting .155 against him this year and a .197 opponent on-base PCT., I know ridiculous right!

The price wasn't cheap for Adams as the Rangers had to give up two AA starting pitchers, LHP Robbie Erlin and RHP Joe Wieland.  Erlin was the Rangers best minor league pitcher based on numbers and the #4 prospect in the farm system at the beginning of the season.  Wieland was the #22 prospect in the farm system, held an incredible 1.73 ERA in 7 AA starts, and threw a no-hitter in his last start in the Rangers farm system.  Both Erlin and Wieland started the season in High-A, but earned mid-season promotions to AA.  Without going into too much detail, both will be missed, but this is the price for a Mike Adams.

The best part about both Adams and yesterday's acquistion Uehara is that both are under team control through 2012, and both at team-friendly prices.

Adams was told while doing his pre-game routine before the Padres matchup with the Rockies today, and needless to say Adams was "shocked."  Adams told the Padres reporters, "It's quite a bit of shock...I didn't think I was going anywhere.  But things happen, and things happen fast."   Later when asked about his season in San Diego, "It has become a little bit difficult to come to the park a little bit, because I hate losing...I play to win.  The most important thing for me is to get to the playoffs and have a chance to go to the World Series." 

Well guess what Mike...WELCOME TO TEXAS!!!  He was then asked about heading to Texas and Mike talked a little bit about not looking forward to the heat, but Mike has experience there.  And he was excited about returning home, Adams is originally from Corpus Christi.  "I'm excited about the opportunity to go over there and pitch in a pennant race. I've said it before, I play to win, this past month has been frustrating.  Over there in Texas, they're all about winning...they're serious."

I won't go into detail what the Rangers bullpen will officially look like, but the back-end four are going to be Neftali Feliz, Mark Lowe, Koji Uehara, and Adams.  Yeah that's right, the Rangers bullpen in less than 24 hours went from so-so to BEST in baseball.