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It should surprise no one the Rangers sale has come to this.

Not Bud Selig.

Not Nolan Ryan.

Not Chuck Greenberg.

Certainly not the Rangers fan base that has been held hostage by Tom Hicks for far too long.

Anyone that follows the character of Tom Hicks knows he's a very stubborn businessman that ironically made his fortune buying struggling enterprises and turning them around.

How does it feel to be on the other side of that transaction Tom?

Over the past couple of seasons, Tom Hicks has gotten what many in the game believe he deserves after dramatically escalating player salaries with his $252 million mistake after the 2000 season.

Tom Hicks is the reason why Scott Boras has so much influence in baseball.

Tom Hicks is the reason why superstar ballplayers are now certain to walk once they hit free agency.

The day he signed Alex Rodriguez he gave away what at the time was at least some hope for teams to keep their players.

The only players that stick with one team do so for the integrity of the game.

Now, almost to add insult to injury for the other owners in baseball, the Rangers payroll is being funded by Major League Baseball's emergency fund.

In other words, the other owners are paying the Rangers in addition to their own salaries.

Talk about getting the fuzzy end of a lollipop, especially for the Rangers' rivals in the American League West.

What is truly terrifying to the Rangers players and fans is the possibility of the sale being tied up in litigation through the draft in June and the trade deadline in July.

It would be a huge blow for the Rangers to not be able to draft the players they want because they can't sign them and I doubt Nolan Ryan will put his word at risk again like he did with Matt Purke last year.

Bud Selig will more than likely seize the Rangers at some point this week unless the lenders holding liens on the Rangers decide to settle and avoid millions in legal fees.

This of course isn't likely as the game of chicken continues.

While it's obvious the lenders can't touch the Rangers or Chuck Greenberg's group because the debts in question are the sole responsibility of Tom Hicks and Hicks Sports Group, they can still cause more than enough headaches to drag things out past the worst case scenarios.

Still, at this point Selig and Major League Baseball may have no choice if the lenders continue to play hardball.

Selig will seize the Rangers, complete the sale to Chuck Greenberg and disperse the funds to the lenders and Tom Hicks as he feels appropriate.

The lenders will pitch a fit and Tom Hicks will probably have a few choice words on his way out, but the Rangers will be separated from Hicks and his bad debts once and for all.

When that happens the lenders will have to deal with Hicks and leave the Rangers and Major League Baseball out of it.