By moving Rich Harden to the Rangers bullpen and replacing him with Derek Holland the Rangers may have fortified two areas of concern heading into September.

For all his faults this season Harden has maintained the ability to strike hitters out at times, a talent he can utilize even better coming out of the bullpen since he doesn't have to worry about pitch counts or facing hitters twice.

This is of course a key addition to the bullpen with Frank Francisco battling a strained lat muscle.

For those of you who don't know what that feels like think about something tugging your side with every movement you make, not too bad for me and you but a real problem for a hard throwing bullpen pitcher.

What's most unsettling for Francisco and the Rangers is the muscle he has strained is not only the largest in the body, but also can be very slow to heal as it's in the core of the body and affected by most movements.

He could be out for a while and the Rangers have to fill that void.

I know most of you will think I'm nuts, and I may be, but I like the idea of having Rich Harden on the mound with only a few outs to get.

He still has decent stuff and through his struggles still managed to strikeout a few batters here and there.

However, he does come with a huge red flag and that's the command issues that have haunted him all season long.

The hope here is he will not be concerned with his pitch counts or saving his stuff for later in the game and simply go after hitters the way he used to when he pitched like an ace.

If he can do that and command his fastball out of the gate he becomes a very deadly pitcher in the later innings, especially against some of the tough right handed bats the Rangers will face in September and the playoffs if they win the division.

As for the fifth starter spot in the rotation, the Rangers had to make a move to try and find some consistency.

Sure, with the off days the Rangers have in September they could have just skipped the fifth starter whenever possible, but CJ Wilson hasn't thrown this many innings in a season before and Colby Lewis was in a six man rotation last season in Japan.

In other words, these guys need those extra days in September or they'll fade down the stretch.

Derek Holland is still young and still has a lot of improving to do, but he should be much more consistent than Harden has been and will at least give the Rangers a chance to win when he's on the mound.

There won't be any outside additions to the Rangers pitching staff so they can only hope the switch of Holland and Harden works for both the rotation and the bullpen.

If not, the Rangers will once again do some juggling, something Jon Daniels has become very good at doing.