Texas Rangers vs. Mariners in Seattle.

From the beginning of his career Rangers manager Ron Washington has represented everything that is right about baseball. There's a reason why all of his current and former players stand behind him, even when he admits making a huge mistake.

By now all the facts about his positive cocaine test are out in the open and the manner in which Washington has handled the situation shows why the Rangers didn't replace him last season.

He made no excuses, asked for no sympathy and made a heartfelt apology to everyone. He told the Rangers and Major League Baseball about his mistake before the test results came back and offered to resign as manager.

In a world where most people go to great lengths to hide their transgressions and some even repeat their mistakes while asking for forgiveness each time, Washington has stayed clean and completed a rehab program. 

As for the players in the Rangers clubhouse, you just have to talk with the undisputed face of the franchise.

Michael Young was quick to point out the players are fully behind their skipper and this revelation will have zero impact on their season.

Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia put it another way saying in short how much it hurt to watch Washington break down in front of the team. Despite the Rangers closing ranks behind Washington and despite his clean and upfront behavior since his failed test the cries to fire Washington are coming from both the media and the Rangers fan base.

Yes, this was a terrible, disappointing mistake, but there is no history of this type of behavior from Ron Washington. His character has never been questioned until now because he's always been upfront and willing to admit mistakes.

Any athlete or coach who goes through something like this in the future should look at how Washington has handled himself over the past year and do the exact same thing. 

Frankly, it's becoming obvious those who want Washington fired have wanted the move made for a while now and are using this incident as an excuse to demand his dismissal, which is a shame. The Rangers will evaluate Washington this season on the only thing that truly matters, the team's performance.

If they stumble out of the gate Washington will be replaced, if they win the AL West he'll get an extension, it's that simple. One positive cocaine test is not justification for dismissal when you're dealing with someone with Washington's character.

The Rangers don't view him any differently and neither should the fans or media following the team. If they have a problem with that then send them to Michael Young.

Five minutes with the face of the franchise will set them straight.