The Rangers have not only been inconsistent since that terrible road trip to Detroit where the club lost Josh Hamilton for much of the first half of the season, they've also completely lost the fire that vaulted the club to the top of the American League two weeks into the season.

On this very site a month ago I wrote the Rangers were playing like champions that refused to lose on any given night, no matter what obstacles stood in their way; they essentially won on sheer will alone.

I saw a focus to winning I hadn't seen from a sports team in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since Jimmy and Jerry were sharing office space at Valley Ranch.

My question now is what happened?

Like most people I would have taken the Rangers current record before the season started if I was told both Josh Hamilton and Neftali Feliz would hit the disabled list 2 weeks into the season, but the Rangers raised the stakes with their hot start and now this record is beyond disappointing.

Look, no one, including myself, thought the Rangers would keep up a winning pace like they opened the season with, but their current level of play is inexcusable and it's up to Ron Washington to fix it and fix it now.

Yes, the bullpen needs to be fixed and the offense should get back on track once Hamilton and Cruz return to the lineup every day, but their replacements in the lineup aren't the ones causing this losing stretch.

Healthy players like Ian Kinsler and Julio Borbon have been atrocious, both in the field and on the base paths.

It was striking to me during the Mariners series when I saw that defeated look on Kinsler's face late in the last game.

This team has an attitude problem, not a lack of talent problem, period.

Whatever Washington needs to do to get their heads back on straight and focused on winning ballgames, he must do it.

Send players down to AAA, bench regular all-star caliber players for more than one game "mental breaks."

This team doesn't need a mental break, it's only May.

No, this team needs a swift kick in the backside from their manager.

I'm a big fan of Washington, always have been, but he has a team now that is built to win and they're playing like a group of fat softball players in an office league tournament.

This has got to stop and it won't wait until the guys start coming off the disabled list either.

With the Yankees coming into town for a weekend series the Rangers can go one of two ways, they can keep playing careless losing baseball and get swept, or they can find that unbeatable attitude they opened the season with and bring some brooms of their own to Rangers Ballpark.

People, including myself, will continue to scream at Jon Daniels about the bullpen and Chris Davis' call-up, but Daniels built a team that is much better than they have shown these past couple of weeks and fixing that falls on the manager of the club and the veteran players in the clubhouse.

The Angels and A's are going to be there all season long and the Rangers had better wake up quick or they'll be looking up in the standings behind two teams with incredible pitching staffs and what has so far been at least an adequate offense.

Daniels can make all the roster moves he wants but this team needs an attitude adjustment and it needs it now.