Texas Rangers vs. Mariners in Seattle.

The worst thing anyone can do after the first series of the season is have knee jerk reactions about how the games went.

Even the best teams in the history of baseball had to get their sea legs before they could really take off. After three games the Rangers are still trying to find those sea legs, especially at the plate.

Before I get into the areas the Rangers have to turn around in a hurry, let's take a look at what went right against the Blue Jays:

Scott Feldman and CJ Wilson

Scott Feldman got the nod for the opener in large part for his 17 wins last season, but also for the crisp spring training he put together in Arizona. Feldman did everything the Rangers could possibly ask of their starters this season, gave them seven innings allowing only three runs.

He didn't pile up the strikeouts or compile any other sexy stats that grab headlines, but going 7 innings was very important.

Look back to last season when the Rangers could count on the same line from Feldman with each start, 6 innings pitched and three runs allowed. He did that on Monday with one exception, he went an extra inning.

If that becomes the trend of 2010 for Feldman, the Rangers will be in pretty good shape.

What can anyone say, if anything, to add to what CJ Wilson did in seven shutout innings Wednesday. He painted the corners, kept the Blue Jays off balance by mixing his pitches, had the best command yet of anyone on the Rangers staff and frankly should have got the win.

His ability to pitch out of trouble and make it through the order a third time speak very well of his potential this season and of the Rangers for putting him in the rotation creating a possible hole in the bullpen.

Vladimir Guerrero and Nelson Cruz

Vladimir Guerrero went 7-11 in his first three games as a Ranger and did so with a home run on Tuesday night that hasn't landed yet and by scorching line drives all over the field.

Those pronouncing Vlad as being finished are now scrambling to add him to their fantasy teams.

Nelson Cruz has been right behind Vlad both in the order and in production with the tying home run on Monday and another tying home run on Tuesday. Add in a couple of doubles and Nellie is off to a great start.

Now for what didn't go right and must be addressed quickly:


Jarrod Saltalamacchia went from hero to goat in record time for failing to tell the Rangers he hurt himself in the opener. The Rangers have put the now injury riddled catcher on the DL and it's doubtful it will be his last trip there.

With Taylor Teagarden absolutely lost at the plate the Rangers need to give recently recalled Matt Treanor an extended look. Already without Ian Kinsler in the order and with Elvis Andrus and Julio Borbon struggling, the Rangers cannot have another impotent hitter in the lineup.

With a big series against the M's coming up the Rangers have to find some offense somewhere.

Andrus and Borbon

Borbon's hot spring hasn't carried over into the season, but he's making good contact on the ball and hitting them right at people, eventually he'll start finding some holes.

Andrus is another matter as the second year defensive wizard looks absolutely lost at the plate thus far. The Rangers have the potential for a killer speed dynamic with Andrus and Borbon leading up to the power in the lineup, but they have to start getting on base first.


The Rangers bullpen has given up runs in all three games so far and closer Frank Francisco can't seem to pitch effectively unless he has perfect stuff.

For the most part the Rangers bullpen has made it's pitches when necessary, but Feliz gave up a go ahead run in the opener and Francisco imploded on Wednesday giving up three runs and ruining what had been the original story of the game: CJ Wilson.

The most troubling aspect at this point is Francisco as the closer. Going back to the second half of last season, Francisco has a disturbing trend of either being lights out or imploding.

If he has perfect stuff he can't be touched, but if his stuff is off just a little bit the opposing players sit back and tee off. He won't be replaced after one blown save, but with Neftali Feliz lighting up the radar gun behind him, Francisco better learn how to pitch when his stuff isn't great.

All in all the Rangers have some things to be happy about, but also have a variety of issues that need drastic improvement before the Mariners come to town this weekend.