Last night's game...whatever, we were flat from the word go, didn't expect a sweep and Shields is a very good pitcher when he is locked-in.  But just as nice, I was jumping up and down late last night...watching the Haren-King Felix, M's-Halos game.  Extremely well pitched game in which Coach Mike made the same mistake he did here in Arlington and in Anaheim the week before that.  Dan Haren was masterful through 6 innings, 1-hitter.  But he was losing steam and quickly, likely still recovering from the good old Texas heat.  (Side Note: Santana tonight, Weaver tomorrow - curious how they respond to the short rest, then Texas heat).  Coach Mike sent Haren out for the 7th and it started off just fine, but he ran into trouble...loading the bases before recording the final out.  At the time the Halos held a slim 1-0 lead, as King Felix was almost nearly as dominate.  But in the Bot of the 8th, still up only 1-0, Coach Mike opted to keep Haren in...once again he ran into trouble as the M's got two on with two outs...and then and only then did he remove him.  Opting for LHP Scott Downs to face Mike Carp.  Flashback - Downs came in Sunday to face Hamilton...and Hamilton won...Last night - Downs comes in to face Carp...and Carp won.  Two-out, 2 RBI Double!!!!  King Felix finished off the 9th with Abreu - K, Hunter - K, Trumbo - F9...M's win...lead stays at 3.5!  Yeah, I'm scoreboard watching.  

3.5 up with 25/26 to play!  

Trade recap: I love the moves made by JD yesterday...#JDStrikesAgain  

LHP Mike Gonzalez, could end of being a rental player for the 1-2 months, but at the same time he could be the Rangers left-handed reliever next season when Oliver finally retires and Texas is in need of a lefty in the 'pen.  Gonzalez is a native Texan, growing up in Robstown, Texas.  Last 13 appearances - 12.1 scoreless innings, 5 hits, 1 BB, 15 Ks, and stranded all 6 inherited runners...LIKE those numbers.

The cost - currently it is a PTBNL, but I have heard from multiple sources that the player will be AAA RHP Pedro Strop.  Similar to Chris Davis, and soon Taylor Teagarden, Strop is OUT of options this season.  Meaning he would have to have been put on the ML roster next season or be subject to league-wide, irrevocable other words, he was never going to don a Rangers uniform again.  So the O's can have him...the kid, also like Davis and Taylor is a solid AAA player and a good AAAA player.  Pack your bags...See ya!!!  Same fate with happen to Teagarden this offseason, especially with the Treanor signing, he's gone and likely will never again don the Rangers uniform...Pack your bags...See ya!!!  

C Matt Treanor...March 28th he was sent to KC for cash...August 31st sent back to Texas for less cash.  With Yorvit and Napoli, it could be argued that Treanor was not needed up to this point, so JD turned a small, net profit on this guy...#JDStrikesAgain

Treanor will be the third catcher, as opposed to Teagarden...WHEW!!!...obviously we can't expect huge numbers from him, but the guy is a pitcher's catcher.  And that is why he was brought back.  CJ's personal catcher, and those will likely be his only starts...and that is totally worth giving up...well...actually, do the overall math, which is how a budget is done, and we technically gave up nothing.  We actually made a few bucks and brought him back...that's my kind of math.

Jamey Newberg made a great point today as well about Treanor.  Potentially he will not be able to find a team to sign him to a Major League contract next season and will then look for a minor league contract, report to AAA, and service a team that way.  So....why not have him do that at Texas?  With Yorvit and Napoli as the catchers for 2012, wouldn't you feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing that when they go on the DL (as it is more than likely to happen once), that Matt Treanor would then be in uniform as opposed to Teagarden or Kevin Cash, (Elio Sarimento is about another 12-18 months away).  I know I, like I said, he is a pitcher's catcher.  Treanor has done wonders with CJ Wilson, and CJ will tell you that, so how about start him with the club in Spring Training, have him report to AAA Round Rock, and continue to work with Martin Perez, Tanner Scheppers, Neil Ramirez, and maybe soon Robbie Ross and Johan Yan.  

Final note: Josh Hamilton on Tuesday night hit a "recorded" 448-foot Home Run...more than half way up the right field upper deck seats, anyone who saw it, knows that thing went 500+ feet.  Major League ballparks when they are built or renovated have "professional" crews come out and measure certain areas all over the ballpark and then they use that mapping to determine distances.  Makes little to no sense, because obviously on that Hamilton HR, had the seats not been there, it travels another 50-75 feet.  So does that mean, had the HR hit the support pole before reaching the seats that it would be a 400-ft HR, that makes no sense.  If a ball hits the top of a foul pole, is it a 360-ft HR...NO!!!  But since this is the way baseball will conduct HR distances, I've got a loop hole.  When I have too much money and buy a professional baseball team, preferable the Rangers, I'm going to build a new stadium.  And that stadium will be built in similar fashion as San Francisco and Pittsburgh.  But instead of a waterfront past my RF fence, we will have a cliff.  So hit a home run over the fence, it could go 1500-2000 team is going to SHATTER some Home Run distance records.  

That's all today...