Before everyone jumps all over me on this one please keep in mind I've been one of the loudest voices among Rangers bloggers when it comes to giving Chris Davis his walking papers either through a trade or release.

I've even contemplated telling Davis I started to buy season tickets at AAA Round Rock so I could attend all his games in 2011, but then I started thinking about Nelson Cruz a couple of years ago.

Then Davis began to remind me even more about Cruz a couple of years ago by not just hitting, but obliterating AAA pitching at a level I haven't seen since, well Nelson Cruz.

I've heard the "AAAA player" label tossed at Davis in the past, heck I was one of those throwing that in his face, but "AAAA" players don't hit at this level.

His strikeout to walk ratio is still very alarming at 41-9, but he's also hitting .374 with 19 bombs and 52 RBI in 33 games, including five multi-homer games.

Now I would never suggest playing Davis over Mitch Moreland, but his bat very well could be an improvement over the platoon the Rangers have been using in the outfield.

Of course this would involve moving Josh Hamilton to centerfield which I've always thought was the best position for Hamilton in the Rangers outfield as it's currently constructed despite the injury risk.

Besides, Hamilton has already proved this season he can get hurt doing anything, including sliding into home while serving as the designated hitter and missing significant time.

If the Rangers call up Davis, put him in left field everyday and he has in fact turned the corner like Cruz a couple of seasons ago, the Rangers will add much needed pop to the bottom of the order.

It would also stabilize the Rangers outfield and open the door for Texas to deal David Murphy, who's stock may be down right now but not as low as Davis, for bullpen help.

If Davis comes up and continues to struggle at the plate the Rangers will have no choice but to dump him in either a trade or granting him a release.

Right now I don't think it's possible for Davis' trade value to drop much further and it certainly won't go up until he proves he can hit major league pitching no matter what he does at AAA Round Rock.

All the more reason then to give Davis one last shot to not only prove he's a big league hitter but also to inject some life into the bottom of a Rangers order that seems to fizzle after Moreland's spot in the lineup.

The Rangers need another bat.

Davis needs one more shot to prove he belongs in the major leagues.

It's a match that has the potential to completely change the fortunes of both the team and Davis heading into the second half of the season.

Why not give it a shot?