I think Rangers fans have lost the point of the on-going debacle that is the sell of the team.

Regardless of who ends up with the team, the most important aspect is the departure of the most hated man in baseball if not sports entirely, Tom Hicks.

By driving the franchise to the current state of bankruptcy Tom Hicks has started costing the Rangers valuable prospects as his imprisoned General Manager Jon Daniels continues to do his best to keep the big league team rolling in 2010.

First the Rangers had to give up former 1st round pick Michael Main in a deal for a veteran catcher and now the Rangers have been forced to include Omar Poveda in a deal for a utility player who will be a right handed bat off the bench once Kinsler returns.

Nothing against Jorge Cantu, but there is no way the Rangers have to include Poveda in the deal if that idiot Tom Hicks didn't bankrupt the team forcing the Rangers to beg the Marlins to absorb his salary.

Cantu is only owed $2.18 MM the rest of the year and the Rangers couldn't take that on, how monumentally depressing is that Rangers fans?

Now, as for the deal itself, Jon Daniels found the best possible option for the role Cantu will play with the Rangers.

Platoon guy at 1st and an upgrade to the Rangers bench, but more importantly he'll be insurance at second base for Ian Kinsler who the Rangers just put on the DL.

In other words, Jon Daniels is once again doing a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances which brings me to my point.

It's time for Rangers fans to forget about their crush on Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg because the longer this ownership nonsense goes on the more prospects the Rangers will have to give up in minor trades like this one.

Yes, Ryan and Greenberg are the best options and have been accepted as such by the Rangers fan base, but once again Tom Hicks, possibly the biggest moron to ever grace the sports world, makes that result less likely with each passing day.

Odds are another bidder will get the Rangers and as long as that owner can keep Jon Daniels, increase payroll and renovate the ballpark, Rangers fans everywhere should embrace the winner.

Anything to get Tom Hicks as far away from this team as possible and bring this nightmare to a close will be a huge boost regardless of who the new owner is.

As for those fans who insist it is Nolan or bust I would like to point out a few facts.

Nolan Ryan wasn't here when the Rangers made the deadline deals in 2007 that sent the Rangers rebuild into hyper drive.

Nolan Ryan wasn't hired yet when Daniels traded for Josh Hamilton before the 2008 season.

Nolan Ryan wasn't on the trip to Los Angeles that netted the Rangers Vladimir Guerrero.

Jon Daniels built this team from the ground up, something he doesn't get anywhere near enough credit for and I don't mean to offend Ryan here, but Daniels isn't threatening to walk if Chuck Greenberg's bid falls short.

No matter who becomes the team's owner over the next few months Daniels is committed to seeing things all the way through.

What kind of reward does he get for such loyalty? He gets booed at a ceremony honoring Michael Young by fans that are more idiotic than Tom Hicks.

Enough already and the Cantu deal should be a wake-up call for the Rangers fan base because all that matters is having new ownership in place as soon as possible before the Rangers lose more prospects in minor deals that shouldn't have been in play in the first place.

It's time alright Rangers fans; it's time to get a real owner in here no matter who it is.