“I know the truth, and Jon Daniels knows the truth,” Young said. “I will sleep well.”

The moment Rangers DH Michael Young said those words his relationship with the club and the fans reached the point of no return.

For a player who has been the face of the franchise and an outstanding leader for a decade in Arlington the outburst was completely out of character, especially attacking the club's GM publicly.

I'll have to check but I don't think Young has ever done that before, even the first time he requested a trade when asked to move to third so the club could call up Elvis Andrus.

Young's career had been one of team disappointment and failed attempts at building a champion until Jon Daniels came along and started building the first league pennant winner in club history.

Over the winter Daniels has once again made the Rangers a better, more versatile team and every move was made with the understanding Young would be the club's primary DH and roving infielder.

Young publicly approved of the signing of Adrian Beltre which pushed him into the role he now says he won't play, yet its Young who feels "misled and manipulated."

No one but the Rangers front office and Young know what's really going on behind the scenes and Young to his credit didn't include those details in his little rant last night, but it's clear this marriage cannot be repaired again.

What is most disturbing about this situation is both the Rangers and Young are about to blow an incredible opportunity.

With Beltre at third and Young able to fill in when needed in the infield the Rangers were about to go to Spring Training with easily the deepest, most talented team on both offense and defense in club history.

They're the defending American League champions and instead of opening camp talking about repeating that championship and perhaps finishing it off with a World Series Championship this time, the club will be answering questions about Michael Young and what went wrong.

That's beyond unfortunate.

In the past the Rangers could always count on Young to be a professional and play where management asked him to play, but things have changed and Young very well could not report to Surprise next week or worse, report and make things even more difficult.

The Rangers can't take that chance, not with a club that with or without Young is a contender for a return trip to the World Series.

According to TR Sullivan at MLB.com, the eight teams the Rangers can deal Young to without his permission are the Cardinals, Yankees, Twins, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Angels and Padres.

However, Young has told Jayson Stark of ESPN.com he'd be willing to waive his no trade clause for teams outside of that list, but will take that on a case by case basis.

The Rangers have had the most conversations with the Rockies about Young and the Dodgers have reportedly had preliminary discussions with the Rangers but both teams would need significant salary relief in any deal.

Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan were very clear in a conference call with the media yesterday that apparently prompted Young's outburst.

The Rangers will deal Young if, and only if, it improves the club.

Ryan called Young one of the premier hitters in the game and said the club expects a proper return for him while Daniels expressed some hope the relationship could be repaired if he can't find a trade match.

If the Rangers are going to eat a large chunk of the remaining $48 million left on Young's contract then the team that deals for him will have to part with a package of players.

That package will likely have to include both a pitcher and a hitter that are ready for the big leagues right now, a starter would be preferable but more bullpen pieces could work as well if they allow Texas to move closer Neftali Feliz into the rotation.

However, the Rangers have little leverage in any deal now thanks to Young taking his unhappiness public so the trade demands will have to come down a little bit.

Jon Daniels has had some challenging moments in his career as Rangers GM, but nothing compares to this dilemma.

He now has to trade the face of the franchise in the next eight days and he has to get an appropriate return in players without eating too much salary.

That's a difficult needle to thread but Daniels is one of the best GM's in baseball and should be able to do something to eliminate the distraction and make the Rangers a better team going into Spring Training.

The sooner Daniels trades Young the sooner the Rangers can get back to defending their American League Championship and no player is more important than that.

Not even Michael Young.