Anyone who looks at the body of work Rangers GM Jon Daniels has put together since the 2007 season can't help but be incredibly impressed with the job he's done rebuilding the Rangers.

Anyone that isn't should make an appointment with their doctor and have their head examined immediately.

In 2007 the Rangers were a last place team with one of the worst farm systems in baseball; they are now a first place team with one of the league's best farm systems.

The farm is so well stocked the Rangers just dealt for the top starting pitcher on the market, got the Mariners to eat some of his salary and didn't make a dent in their goldmine of prospects.

All of this began with the trade of Mark Teixiera to the Braves that landed the Rangers two of their six all stars this season.

Yes, it's now six Ranger all stars with the addition of Cliff Lee who will be wearing a Rangers jersey in the All Star Game.

Mix in some brilliant drafting, savvy international signings and the patience to see the process through the right way and Jon Daniels has done what no other GM has done in club history.

He's built a true World Series contender and he did it in 3 years.

Anyone else want to suggest he's not one of the top executives in the game today? If so I can give you a list of 29 other teams who would love to have Daniels in their front office.

Now, I will admit I've been a little biased about Daniels from the beginning, largely because I just had a good gut feeling he was going to be an outstanding GM.

Because of that I was lenient on the kid GM when he dealt Alfonso Soriano away for peanuts and handed the Padres Adrian Gonzalez for less than even peanuts.

I even tried to look at the bright side of the John Danks trade before finally realizing Daniels was struggling with trades.

Then the 2007 trade deadline happened.

The deadline that gave the Rangers Neftali Feliz, Elvis Andrus, David Murphy and Matt Harrison for a handful of veterans who had no desire to stay in Texas any longer.

He has not made a bad trade since; in fact most have been both creative and brilliant considering he's received no help from Rangers ownership.

During the offseason he somehow squeezed Vladimir Guerrero and Rich Harden into a tight budget and in his defense, no one saw Harden's ridiculous season coming.

I for one was ecstatic about the move because it kept Harden from Seattle, now I'd give him to the Mariners and pay his salary to get him off the roster.

Daniels has now pulled off his most brilliant move to date.

Despite having little money left in the budget, Daniels brought in the best pitcher on the trade block this season and perhaps one of the top five pitchers in all of baseball.

The brilliance of the move lies within the prospects Daniels gave up while getting the Mariners to eat roughly $2.5 million of Lee's salary.

Justin Smoak and Blake Beavan are big pieces that should give the Mariners a middle rotation starter and all-star caliber first baseman for the next 6 years.

However, the Rangers did not lose Derek Holland, Tanner Scheppers, Martin Perez or Alexi Ogando in the deal.

In fact just in terms of this year, the Rangers added Cliff Lee without affecting the big league club at all.

Smoak was struggling in his rookie season and will be replaced by Chris Davis who hit much better at AAA and has more experience in a pennant race.

An argument can be made the Rangers improved at first base at least for this season by trading Smoak.

Ogando is still a valuable member of the Rangers bullpen and Scheppers should be called up by September to make the pen even better.

Daniels has made it clear he's done rebuilding and it's time to win now with this trade and he's made that possible by essentially not touching the big league club and adding an ace.

Imagine what he can do when he finally has a real owner behind him.