The Rangers went into a four game series in Baltimore trailing the O's by one game in the standings, they left 36 runs in 4 games later up a game.  Texas got "offensive" scoring an average of nine runs a game, while holding the O's to a FG in each of their three losses.

Without a doubt the biggest story was Josh Hamilton's 4 HR night, and 5 HRs in 6 ABs.  Seriously, the guy also hit a double...UGH, what a rip-off!  HA!  Lost in that evening of power and pure baseball joy was Elvis Andrus scoring all four times, Neftali Feliz's strong, bounce-back outing, and Nelson Cruz reaching base 8 times in 2 games.

The most effective thing that former Rangers 1B/pine-rider Chris Davis did in a four-game series against his old team...except not playing in the fourth game...was allow a Colby Lewis pitch to hit him.  A power hitter, who in his last 20 ABs, has just as many pitching WINS as HITS.

Watching this series and seeing the Orioles become the new in, the Rangers JV squad...I don't miss Davis...I don't miss Pedro Strop losing command when he needs it most...I don't miss O'Day when I see Ogando, Adams, and Uehara (weird to type) doing what they do...I don't think anyone misses Teagarden...BUT...

...I do miss Tommy Hunter.  And unfortunate casuality in the war of winning baseball.  I'm happy that he is able to pitch every fifth day in the Majors, something he would not be doing yet again if in a Rangers uniform.  I was happy to see that he lost a good chunk of weight, something that will help him continue his MLB career.  And I wish him the best, even if that means one day he gets a win over his old ballclub. 

But long gone are the days of having "fan-friendly"players who on the field were average at best.  Don't get me wrong, I love having players who are "great guys" and easy to root for, but this is a baseball team and fan smiles don't put runs on the board.  Strop and O'Day would be effective in Ranger uniforms, but not as effective as The Vowels have know The Vowels (Ogando, Adams, Uehara)...and we are in the business of winning baseball games, winning series, and winning October.  #FlagsTrophiesRings

I first mentioned that hash tag before the season, but didn't really want to promote it until the right time...

...21-11, again holding the best record in baseball, after takign 3 of 4 from the team that HAD held that their stadium...and twice by TKO!!!

...the weekend series that we all marked on our calendars months ago, it's here, it's finally here.  And though it is jsut three of 162 games, there is something a little more exciting about saying...the Halos are in town.

...7 GAME lead over our rivals, with an opportunity to make it 8 or 10 (technically I have to say 4 or 6 as well, but I'm not)

Yes, now is the time to throw it out there, this is what Nolan...Daniels...Wash...the coaching staff...the scouts...the players...and what the fans need to buy into...we are no longer a team looking for ways to fill the seats, that happens on it's own now.  Now we are about...