First of all, I'm not going into detail about what happened last night, July 7th, at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  I think we have all seen and read enough. 

My heart and prayers go out to Shannon Stone's family, his six-year-old child, Josh Hamilton, Brad Ziegler, all the Ranger and Athletic players, and everyone there that witnessed this tragedy.

I began writing last night an article recapping the Rangers International signees six days ago, which will be released in the next couple days.  But right now I can't bring myself to finish it.

I really wanted to talk about the game last night, but it's hard.

I wanted to brag on Derek Holland, a complet game shutout (his 3rd career, 2nd of the season), especially coming off the 0.2 IP outing on Saturday.

I wanted to be in a great mood because Texcas finally got the win that should have been back on May 11th...yeah thanks again Gerry Davis. 

I wanted to make some jokes about the "baseball gods" keeping order and not screwing the Rangerrs out of a 7-0 lead in the fourth on that 11th of May.  EDITOR'S NOTE:  When I wrote this Texas was beating Gio Gonzalez, who pitched that day in May, 7-1 through two innings.  Napoli Grand Slam and solos from Ian and Adrian...SMILE!

I wanted to talk about a lineup that is beginning to smack the ball around when they want and how they want.  A lineup that is batting smarter, playing small ball, or Wash Ball.

I wanted to do some heavy hating on Rich Harden and that I really, really enjoyed watching the Rangers beat him up as he pitched his typical frustrating outing that Ranger fans saw too much of.

I wanted to make a comparison that I'm totally fine with the fact that the last three times my softball team has been shutout, the Rangers have won shutout wins that same night.  We lost 15-0.  I'm totally cool with that holding up, especially once we play Fall Ball in September and October.

I wanted to talk the praises of this team that has their eyes collectively fixed on the proze of repeating as AL West Champs.

I wanted to go into detail about the four-game winning streak and outscoring opponents 36-11 in those games.

I wanted to continue to brag on a farm system that is impressing more and more each and every day.


Today it's less about baseball and more about reality.  I was heartbroken last night, everyone was.  Way too many reactionsL

The sadness in me doesn't want to think, watch, or even talk about baseball right now...just hug my family and be thankful.

The anger in me wants the Oakland A's broadcasters fired immediately for laughing and making fun of the "fan" for falling, and their producers for showing the replay over and over and over.  I know they had no idea he would eventually perish, but still you had to have know something was wrong, it's not like it was a three foot fall.

The logic in me wants to see the railings raised...NOW!!!

The pessimist in me wants to ban players from tossing foul balls into the stands.  I know this ruins it for all, but I gladly agree to it to avoid another player from feeling the way Hamilton did.


It's just a or's just a game.  And last night was way too much of a reality check of that.