After hearing the Yankees had raised the stakes in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes by offering a 7th year to the prize of the market this season, the Rangers sent CEO Chuck Greenberg, Assistant GM Thad Levine and billionaire minority owner Ray Davis to Arkansas to meet with Lee and his agent.

Greenberg briefed the Rangers beat writers in a conference call about the discussion that lasted 90 minutes in which the Rangers offered a menu of options that Greenberg said were competitive in the current marketplace.

For the Rangers to be competitive they had to offer Lee a seven year contract like the Yankees, however, Greenberg did not give any details beyond saying the team offered a variety of options.

The Rangers certainly sent the right people to meet with Lee this evening as Davis is one of the big investors, Greenberg as CEO is in charge of the team budget and Levine is the guy who does player contracts.

A financial dream team so to speak.

Considering the Rangers sent these guys to meet with Lee and that the star pitcher is weighing his options; it's obvious the Rangers offer was at least close to the Yankees latest offer.

Now of course the waiting game continues as Lee's agent will certainly expect a Yankee counter offer over the weekend; unless of course the seven year offer delivered minutes after Crawford agreed to a deal with Boston was both the Yankees' best offer and intended to knock the Rangers out of the race.

One thing is certain at this point, the Rangers are not going to be scared off by the Yankees and will fight them all the way to the end.

Greenberg told the Dallas media "We wanted to put our best foot forward. I think we did that to the best of our abilities."

Now the decision belongs to Lee which should come down at some point over the weekend.

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