Lost in the offensive onslaught the Rangers put on the Red Sox and in game one of the series in Detroit were the scores of the Rangers opposition.

3, 3 and 3.

That's right, while the Rangers offense was doing what it does best the Rangers starting pitching, the true reason the club has opened up 11-2, was doing what they have gotten used to doing best.


The Rangers have allowed the fewest runs to score in the league; they also lead the league in runs scored.

The pitching staff already has two shutouts and hasn't allowed more than five runs in a game which combined with an offense that has scored more than five runs in an inning multiple times already this season gives the Rangers something many of the teams in the league are still trying to attain.


Make no mistake about it, the Rangers will struggle at times, all baseball teams do and you absolutely cannot overreact to either the good or the bad in April, but the first two weeks of the season has shown the fan base and all of baseball what this team is capable of doing when they're clicking on all cylinders.

The naysayers were quick to ignore the Rangers first three series of the season because they were playing three teams fighting for draft slots more than playoff spots, but even the most cynical of those following baseball had their eyes slapped open by the Rangers mowing down of Boston and lopsided win in game one of a four game series in Detroit.

The Rangers starters are going six or seven innings saving the bullpen from getting overworked early in the season, something the last two AL Championship clubs struggled with.

I kind of feel bad for the Rangers long man in the bullpen, Scott Feldman, who hasn't gotten much action but to his credit has been very sharp in the few times he's been on the mound.

Derek Holland and Matt Harrison are quickly putting their names in the top levels of American League pitchers and showing the effect of another year of development with each start.

Yu Darvish got off to a rocky start but has made some adjustments and dominated a very good Tigers lineup in his last start.

Colby Lewis is very quietly tossing quality start after quality start.

The Rangers may not have the superstar names in their rotation, but two weeks into the season they have the best rotation in baseball where it really matters, on the mound.

The Rangers are simply playing the best baseball this organization has ever seen and it's no fluke, they really are this good.

I'm still bracing for that inevitable downturn where nothing goes right, but for now all Rangers fans need to do is enjoy the run because teams this balanced, this deep and this talented don't come along often, especially in Arlington. 

This is the first time the Rangers have fielded a team like this and the organization turned 40 this season, which should tell you all you need to know. 

The rest of baseball thought they were introduced to the Rangers the past two seasons, well Major League Baseball; meet the 2012 Texas Rangers who are much better than both of the pennant winning clubs you thought you knew.