These are not your father's Texas Rangers anymore.

In the past the Rangers were forced to give any pitcher with a pulse a look just to get five starters in the rotation regardless of whether they could actually pitch.

Remember the days when Kevin Millwood was at the top of a rotation filled with retreads like Vicente Padilla?

Sure you do, it wasn't that long ago, but now the Rangers have outstanding home grown pitching throughout the entire organization.

In fact if you count Colby Lewis who originally made his debut as a Ranger, the entire rotation is stocked with graduates of the Rangers farm system and has proved to be more than formidable so far this season.  

Alexi Ogando is well on his way to an all-star appearance.

CJ Wilson and Colby Lewis are showing last season was no fluke.  

The up and coming Matt Harrison and Derek Holland are proving they belong in a contender's rotation.

That's just the big league rotation too. The Rangers minor league system is loaded with even more top of the rotation potential which brings me to my next question.

Why do the Rangers even need another project starter like Brandon Webb?

Don't get me wrong, I was on board with signing Webb like everyone else, but things have clearly changed for the better in Arlington.

There is not one starter in the Rangers rotation I'd replace with Webb, largely because there is simply no way he would be an upgrade.

Look, there are plenty of teams in baseball that have spots in the rotations for Webb, Texas simply is not one of them.

Not to mention I'm very concerned that Webb can't come back from his original injury.

He's had setback after setback after setback since signing with the Rangers and even when he's been "healthy" he's throwing very hittable 84 mph fastballs and getting lit up like a Christmas tree at AA Frisco.

He's simply not going to be able to crack the Rangers rotation the way things are going right now and even if a spot did open up the Rangers have many other options that are both healthy and much more effective than Webb.

Since the Rangers are probably going to put Tommy Hunter in the bullpen when he is able to return from the DL there isn't even a spot open in the bullpen.

Besides, the Rangers already have two veterans throwing slow pitch softball to major league hitters, why add a third one?

The Rangers need to call an end to this experiment and do the right thing for both Webb and the organization.

Let him get past his latest setback, pitch a few games in the minors and try and trade him to a team that has a spot in their rotation.

If there is no deal to be made, which is much more likely, then give the veteran his release and focus on the many young pitchers in the system like Robbie Erlin, Neil Ramirez and Martin Perez.

Much like I'll never forget Pudge Rodriguez throwing out his first attempted base stealer, I'll also never forget the first time I saw Neil Ramirez pitch at AAA Round Rock for the same reason.

It was pure magic.

With so many other equally talented pitchers approaching the big leagues the Rangers no longer need veterans past their prime.