Monday, April 9th, 2012, or better know as "Yu Day."  Later tonight, Yu Darvish will make his MLB debut in front of a packed house at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  I've been looking forward to this game for a long time, a chance to see him in his first action.  But before the game, the start, and all the breakdowns after it, let's all have a little laugh. 

Therefore in the spirit of Abbott & Costello, here is a conversation I had with my wife about tonight's game:


Matthew: Cody, I'm pumped about Yu Day.  We are sitting in RCF, right above the Rangers' bullpen.

Cody: Yeah!  Wanted to tell you, I've got softball at 9 tonight, so I can't stay the whole game.  Sorry man, I hate doing that too you since you got the tickets.

Matthew: Man, no worries.  I may not be able to stay the whole game either.  Just wanted to see Yu.

Cody: Later man!  (Matthew hangs up phone)

Amy: Honey, that's so sweet, you're going to the game to see your cousin.

Matthew: Huh?!?

Amy: You said, that all you wanted to do was see him.

Matthew: No I didn't.

Amy: Yes, you said, "Just wanted to see you."

Matthew: Yeah, exactly why I'm going.

Amy:  Huh?

Matthew: I'm going to this game because I want to see Yu!

Amy: got a ticket for me too?  Well, I really don't want to keep Samuel out that late.  (Samuel, our son, is 10 months old)

Matthew:  No, I just got the tickets for Cody and I, you're staying home tonight.

Amy: But you said you were going to see me?  I thought you were going straight to the game from work, are you coming home first?

Matthew: No, we decided that doesn't make sense, it'll take too long.  I'd love to come see you before, but this is just one time I'm going without you, because I want to go see Yu.

Amy: I'm confused, you keep saying you're coming to see me.

Matthew: No, I'm not.  Not till after the game.  Going to see Yu, then come home likely after he comes out.

Amy: So I am going...we are leaving after who comes out?

Matthew: WE!!!  You are NOT going!  I'm going with Cody to see Yu!

Amy: Me?  Doesn't he live in Mansfield?

Matthew: Ye...Yes...why does that matter?

Amy: You said, Cody is coming to see me too?

Matthew: No, I did not...Cody is meeting me at the game, so we can see Yu.

Amy: Are we dropping you off at the game?  How are you getting home?

Matthew:  AMY!!!  You are no going tonight.  I'm driving myself to Arlington to meet Cody, so we can watch Yu.  You are staying home and playing with Samuel.

Amy: Watch me?  You just said I wasn't going.

Matthew: know the rangers have a player names Yu Darvish and he's making his MLB debut tonight?

Amy: Who?

Matthew: I love you!