It's fitting one of the biggest mistakes in John Hart's epic failure of a tenure as Rangers GM sealed his fate by costing the Rangers an important win against another playoff contender.

When Hart dealt Alex Rodriguez to the Yankees for Soriano and cash relief, the Yankees gave the "golf shirt GM" a choice between two minor league infielders.

Those infielders were Joaquin Arias and Robinson Cano; yes that Robinson Cano. The same power hitting 2nd baseman sitting comfortably in the middle of the Yankees batting order while Hart's brilliant choice cost the Rangers and Cliff Lee what would have been a hard fought comeback win in Tampa Bay. 

For the record, this is not an overreaction to one bad game in a pennant race; this is a move the Rangers should have made a long time ago.

Much like the GM who acquired him, Arias is a relic from the way things used to go in Arlington when the team lost 90 games a season, not what they are about now.

Arias has always been a below average utility infielder that has now become a liability that can and apparently will cost the Rangers valuable games down the stretch.

Now, I'm not one of those bloggers who thinks a game like this will cost the Rangers a chance to resign Cliff Lee this offseason, but he will do much worse than that if given too many more opportunities.

Much like the moron who chose him over Cano, Arias needs to join Hart on the list of people who no longer have any ties to the Rangers organization.

He should not be sent down to the minors, but given his outright release.

The Rangers simply have no use for Arias, not even as a pinch runner after watching him trip going around second base on a triple.

With Andres Blanco completely healthy and Christian Guzman a couple of weeks away from coming off the disabled list, the Rangers are covered until Kinsler returns in early September.

The Rangers also just signed Alex Cora to a minor league contract and assigned the former Met to AAA Oklahoma City, but I doubt he stays there very long.

Rangers manager Ron Washington was noticeably upset after the game Monday night, which was unusual for a manager who always protects his players and a clear cut sign the Rangers have had enough.

The Rangers have high ambitions this season and for the first time they actually have a real chance to make them all happen.

Simply put, Arias is not a winning piece and never has been from the moment Hart made that ridiculous decision to take him over Cano.

They deserve better than Joaquin Arias and so do the fans that support them.