Had fun last night and I would totally recommend this is you if you get bored this weekend and want to enjoy some good reading.  Check out any blogs that are written by Angel fans, to say they are getting to panic mood is a huge understatement.  True Grich, is a solid blog, the guy is a lifelong Halo fan, good, unbiased writer, and lately he is wondering what is wrong with the front office and why so quiet.  Monkey with a Halo, is one that will make you laugh.  This guy is a good writer, who likes to use “big words”, but at the end of the day doesn’t know that much about his own team.  He does know about the 25 players in uniform and a super-prospect Mike Trout, but it ends there.  Last night I read something from this blogger about how the Angels should go out into the trade market and snatch up players like Justin Upton and Josh Johnson.  Realistically the Halos have ZERO CHANCE at those players and no where near the prospects to pull it off.  But the main thing the past couple days is that most of their blogs are saying we, not them, made the huge mistake in signing Beltre…sounds like some serious justifying going on in the O.C.  But whatever, need a good read, enjoy some of these blogs and panic in Anaheim . 

That is another issue to touch on, about the Beltre signing.  Angel bloggers and some writers are justifying not signing him because it was too much, and some Ranger bloggers like the pesimistic approach to everything Rangers at Lone Star Bal,l hate the move because he isn’t worth his value.  Now if you don’t do research and just listen to these clowns you might even agree with them.  Just know that going forward whenever Beltre is struggling or in a slump they are going to borderline crucify the guy.  Not true, not true at all…in fact here is where having me helps out.  I have been reading a few things on the value of a certain player, and all those sabermetric stats that make only half-n-half sense.  So two thoughts on Beltre: 

            1) Did the Rangers overpay for him?  Maybe…but it is at least four years too early to even begin to discuss that.  Remember when everyone freaked out that we traded away Edinson Volquez for Josh Hamilton and smart Ranger people told you to calm down and wait a few years to analyze that trade…yeah look at it now, I would take Josh over Edinson any day of the week now.  Well same thing here, let’s see what Beltre can do over a few years before we call this the worse free agent signing since A-Roid.  Another thing, stop comparing this contract to that one, please!!!!   Even if this Beltre contract completely matures, it’ll be 4 years and $154MM LESS than what A-Roid got.  And finally if free agent third baseman prices keeping going up, this could turn out to be a bargain.

            2) I’m not going into all the detail of sabermetrics, for two reasons, one it would take another 20-25 pages and two I’m still learning some of the numbers.  Though at times I think the numbers are a bit too much and though I fully believe that you have to go with gut and feeling to sign and start certain players, these numbers do have some merit…to a degree.  But here is a basic rundown of what the Rangers signing Beltre will have on the team:

            - Adrian is a much better fielder than Michael, (sorry mom, I’m not hating on MY, just staying objective).  How much better?  Well according to WAR ratios, just trust me on this, Beltre at 3B instead of Young is an increase of 5.2 wins a season.  On the downside, Young at DH instead of Guerrero is actually a decrease in 0.7 wins.  And having Young as the “super utility” as opposed to Andres Blanco is an increase in 0.3 wins.  So when you do all this ridiculous, stupid at times math...the signing of Beltre to play 3B and Young moving to DH / super utility, and assuming they stay healthy is actually an increase in 4.8 wins a season.  Initially a 4.8 win increase in a season seems rather small…not at all, this is HUGE!!!  When talking about the difference between finishing 81-81 and 86-76…or 88-74 and 93-69…my friends, that is the difference between 1st and 2nd place in the AL West…that is the difference between a Wild Card and a division championship and hosting a playoff series.


In conclusion, just trust me on this one for a little while…if Adrian Beltre can stay healthy, and I’m confident in that, this is a very good signing by the Rangers and I’m very pleased with the team we have going into Spring Training.  Can I resend on that good feeling, yes I can, but right now I won’t and I, along with you and all other Ranger fans, have no reason to doubt this team any more…to doubt this front office any more…and pretty soon to doubt this new ownership any more…they have earned that respect