Top 1st: Matt Harrison with an 11-pitch inning, very nice, very crisp, a whole lot to like about that first inning.

Bot 1st: I'm a little disappointed in Ian Kinsler's leadoff at bat.  Oh sure he worked a walk and didn't swing at any pitches outside the zone, but after leadoff HRs the first two days, anything else was going to be a step back.  HA-HA!!!  On that note, I saw yesterday that Ian became the first player in MLB history to start the season off with leadoff HRs in the first two games of the season. 

Bot 2nd: MURPH!!! Starts the year off 2-2, HR, 2B, 3 RBI, 2 can we possibly not keep him in the lineup.

Top 3rd: Dustin Pedroia was safe, and no that was not a make-up call from yesterday.

Bot 3rd: Ok, I guess Ian heard my comments about his first at-bat.  Home Run in each of the first three games, nice Boomstick Kins.

Top 5th: I don't think anyone in baseball will be more excited to not see another Ranger left-handed pitcher for a long time, than Carl Crawford.  Texas lefties have just flat out owned him this Opening Weekend.  Through five innings, Harrison has been superb.

Bot 5th: BAD BEARD NAPOLI!!!  Putting a heck of a charge into that one for his second of the season, the third of the day for Texas, and already the Rangers tenth Home Run of the season.  This time, Opening day, and every time I see that shear power that Napoli has, I will get the same feeling I got last year when Vlad hit those bombs and say, "Appreciate it Halos!"

Top 6th: Even though his throws to first are still a tad shaky, so far Harrison is making me eat all those words I barked during the final two weeks of Spring Training.  And I couldn't enjoy eating these words any more. <Fist pump>

Bot 6th: Though I do appreciate the aggressiveness of Ian trying to take second on a napping Clay Buchholz, in a 3-0 game against a Red Sox lineup that can put up runs on the board in a hurry, I don't agree with it.  Either straight steal or hit-and-run with Young at the plate is what I would have rather seen.

Top 7th: First time today that Harrison has really had to battle and with his last pitch of the day he notches a bases loaded, tying run in scoring position, career high eighth strikeout of the season.  Absolutely solid outing for Harrison and that takes a lot for me to say because I'm one of his toughest critics. <Applauds>

Bot 7th: NC-17!!!!!!!!!!  That my friends is the definition of a Cruz-missile, straight to the upper deck.  Also joins Chad Curtis as the only right-handed hitters to park a long ball in the RF upper deck...BOOMSTICK!!!

Bot 8th:  There's the Michael Young we all love and adore, great rope off the wall over Crawford.  However on the downside, bases loaded with no outs and our next three batters all strikeout.  That better be the one and only time that happens this year.

Top 9th: Again like Opening Day, it wasn't a save situation for Neftali Feliz, but still agree with pitching him in that situation.  Have your ace closer come in, shut the door, and complete the Opening Weekend series sweep of the Red Sox.


BOOMSTICKS: Kinsler (3), Cruz (3), Napoli (2), Murphy (1)

CLAWS: Young - RBI double off the wall



Texas Rangers: 3-0, 1st in AL West