Texas Rangers Neftali Feliz is congratulated by catcher Taylor Teagarden after a save in the tenth inning of the Rangers MLB American League baseball game against the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland

The Rangers didn't end their stay in Cleveland the way they would have liked to, but they have won three of four and two straight series as they head to The Bronx and Fenway Park.

It wasn't so long ago the Rangers considered 6 straight against the Yankees and Red Sox a season death sentence at worst and a reality check at best.

Not anymore.

They could easily be on a four game winning streak if they didn't forget how to play defense in the 8th inning of the last game in Cleveland, but that's in the past.

The Rangers have nearly completed their second turn through the rotation and Rangers starters are sporting an ERA under 2, the best start by the rotation in club history.

Since Neftali Feliz was promoted to closer, Darren Oliver has settled into the 8th inning spot with Chris Ray and Darren O'Day providing middle relief. The bullpen may have gotten off to a bad start, but things have settled down over the past few games.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room however has been the Rangers anemic offensive performance since the start of the season. While things are getting better, the Rangers still have not had consistent production from Michael Young, Chris Davis or Julio Borbon in addition to the even larger problem at catcher.

Vladimir Guerrero and Nelson Cruz have carried the Rangers offense to this point, but the other guys in the lineup started having better at bats in Cleveland and could be poised to break out of their slump in New York.

It won't be easy considering the pitching the Rangers will face but at this point of the season the Yankees are probably thinking the same thing about Texas' starters.

Outside of a bad inning yesterday, the Rangers are pitching and fielding the ball well thus far and are patiently waiting for their offense to heat up. When it does they could go on a run rarely seen in this club's history.

The keys to the upcoming swing through the AL East begin and end with the top of the Rangers batting order. To be successful they have to get Julio Borbon and Michael Young going so the heating up Josh Hamilton and white hot Vladimir Guerrero and Nelson Cruz have runners on base to drive in.

The bottom of the order will continue to be a mess until Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ian Kinsler return from the disabled list, but the top of the order has no excuses for their performance through nine games.

Still, the Rangers are off to a good start that could be much better, but it's still good and can become a great start with success in New York and Boston.

Time will tell if the Rangers are indeed ready to make a run in 2010, but the early returns have been encouraging, especially on the mound.