Last time I checked it takes four wins to win the World Series, something those crowning the Cardinals before game seven tonight should keep in mind.

Sure, the Rangers were a strike away not once but twice last night but in a game that many are calling a miracle for the Cardinals, it was made clear the baseball gods have made their decision; this series was destined to go seven from the first pitch of the playoffs three weeks ago.

This is how October baseball is supposed to be and those Rangers fans feeling a little down after last night understand that, even if they won't admit it.

The measure of a team isn't how they respond when things are going well, it's how they respond when things are going very very wrong and these Rangers have been here time and time again this season. 

Put it another way, if there's a team that can bounce back from such a horrendous loss like last night it's the guys in the visitors' clubhouse, after all they've done that already in this postseason alone. 

Of course this bounce back will be their toughest assignment yet with everyone outside of Texas counting them out due to ridiculous logic that last night's game will carry over.

The Rangers moved on to game seven before the game winning home run landed last night and their postgame comments confirmed that.

So far the Rangers have done what they must to be in position to win the World Series; they split the first two on the road, took two out of three in Arlington and had two shots to close out the series in St. Louis.

They came up short in that first attempt but thanks to taking care of business in the first five games of the series they have another shot at it tonight.

Then again maybe I'm being too logical for this situation because everyone else is calling last night's Cardinals win game set and match before the teams even get to the stadium for game seven.

Forget the fact the Rangers have already beaten Carpenter once this series.

Forget the fact the Rangers responded to a pummeling in game three with a gem in game four.

Forget the fact the Rangers haven't lost back to back games since August.

No it makes perfect sense to write the Rangers off because that's all people outside of Texas have ever done with the Rangers.

They've won the American League the past two seasons, not the Yankees or Red Sox, the Rangers have done that yet there is still a disgusting lack of respect for the team in Arlington.

I have no idea how game seven is going to go tonight. When the game is over one team will be World Champions and the other will be incredibly disappointed.

I do know the Rangers will be ready and won't be thinking about last night's game at all.

Carpenter is going on short rest, something that didn't work out so well for him earlier this postseason.

The Rangers have historically done well against starters they've seen for a third time in a season and will have all hands on deck backing up Matt Harrison.

Sure, the Rangers could lose tonight in St. Louis, but the match-ups for game seven don't swing wildly in the Cardinals favor just because they won a memorable game six.

Texas has one more game left to play and those who doubt this team can count them out all you want to, but you do so at your own peril.