Alright, Super Bowl is gone, football is over, all the Wisconsin and eastern Pennsylvania folks have departed, so no more need for this Southern hospitality of turning the thermostat down…14 degrees…wind chills in the NEGATIVES…enough already.

And maybe it’s this cold weather that has Michael Young’s (MY) head out of whack.

I didn’t go to work yesterday, instead enjoyed a day of sleeping in and doing homework.  And it’s probably best, because I would have likely commented on a story that needs none.   Yesterday, Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News wrote his opinion on the MY situation…if you laughed at that, then you can skip the next sentence.  JJT is not a baseball guy, he is not a knowledgeable Rangers writer, he writes opinions and covers the Cowboys, so his article in my mind should be used to place my shoes on and keep the snow of my carpet at home…my opinion.  JJT wrote about the Young situation, the problems with Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels.  He took the same stance that roughly 90-95% of Ranger fans are taking, that Young needs to quit this whining, and let’s play ball.  JJT lost me when he continued on by saying that over the past 48 hours MY is deliberately avoiding manager Ron Washington’s calls and not returning them.  When I first heard of this happening I was a few steps beyond angry, that is flat out inexcusable and behavior like that should constitute and immediate removal from the team…I don’t care who you are.  Wash has done nothing in this but be a huge supporter of MY, he plays him all the time and loves the leadership he brings to the clubhouse.  He is not the problem. 

But then I began to examine this claim a little bit, and after talking with a few other Rangers bloggers, I began to have a very harsh skepticism of Mr. Taylor.  Now I don’t think he deliberately made up this story, but I do feel he is attempting to connect some bridges that aren’t truly there.  The outbursts by MY are truly out of character, but this would be even beyond that, for nearly any player of any sport.

 The truth of the conversations and communication attempts between Wash and MY, we don’t know and may never know.  But after multiple, qualified sources disputed this, including all but a guarantee from Randy Galloway that JJT’s claim was false, I seriously doubt they are true and I’m dismissing them.

All that side…Ranger fans right now are angry, frustrated, and confused.  I will say there are some that side with MY, stating that this is all the front office’s fault and they should be held completely accountable.  Though I do agree that maybe this whole thing could have been handled a little bit better, my allegiance is to the team. 

I’m a fan of MY, always have been, my mom is probably the biggest fan.  But he is simply a player in this organization, not the organization itself, face of the franchise or not.  MY has one thing in common with every single player who has donned that Rangers uniform, at some point their time here started, at some point their time here has ended, irregardless of when that was the team, the franchise has remained.  Your not above the franchise, though important to this team, MY it’s time to realize that you ain’t that important.

My emotions during the past 80 something hours has ranged many different places.  When his outburst first occurred, I was hot, and ready to rid ourselves of this potential “cancer” to the team.  He wanted to be traded, I was ready to send him to Pittsburgh where he can play everyday at 2B and lose 100 games.  In fact, at one point I was ready to ship him off to Japan …just for the record, that can’t be done.  But after that initial anger, my emotions shifted to confusion as more and more of MY’s comments were published.  As you tied these statements together they began to make less and less sense.  Honestly I caught myself saying, “What are you talking about?”  After a day of confusion, by Wednesday I was frustrated and disappointed.  MY was making very little sense in the grand scheme of things.  His statements of being “lied to, too many times” and “misled and manipulated,” really weren’t making any sense.  This isn’t all about his numbers and the team, the franchise, the business side doesn’t succeed solely based on MY’s hitting and fielding stats.  NO, it succeeds when the team succeeds. 

When MY was moved to SS so Alfonso Soriano could play 2B…it made the team better.  When MY was moved to 3B so Elvis Andrus could be brought up and play SS…it made the team better.  When MY was moved to DH so Adrian Beltre could play 3B…it made the team better.  When Mike Napoli was brought onboard via trade…IT MADE THE TEAM BETTER!!!

Notice the wording, “TEAM BETTER!”  I don’t care if these moves made MY better or not, if they made the team better, then make them.

I’m not going to link this story, but I suggest you go to, it’s a Rangers blog and look up the story by Mike Hindman, “The Delusional Nutjob and his Enablers.”   It is an incredibly well-written rant that captures many of our thoughts.  I haven’t linked it and you might wait till you get home to read it as the rant does include a few F-bombs.  But all-in-all the rant captures the anger and frustration of the situation. 

My favorite part of this post is when Hindman compares MY, the face of the franchise, to other players who were the “Face of the Franchise” for their teams during their time…George Brett, Carl Yastrzemski, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, and Pete Rose.  Each and everyone of them moved positions multiple times in their careers in order to make their team better, and a quick hint to you Mr. Young…you are not a better ballplayer than ANY of them.

Another extremely well-written article that captures the frustration and confusion was written yesterday by Ft. Worth Star-Telegram columnist Gil Lebreton, “Rangers want to improve, with Young as a regular”  This is by far the best article written to date on the entire situation and I recommend it to everyone.

Lebreton is essentially asking MY what the problem is, all these moves have made the team better, Wash and Ryan have both assured you that you will likely be playing in every single game this year, so what’s the problem?

My opinion, and it has been this since the Winter Meetings in early December, MY will NOT, I repeat NOT be traded.  He will go to Spring Training, which is already next week, as a Ranger, he will be the Opening Day starting DH as a Ranger, and he will play the entire 2011 season as a Texas Ranger.  What happens next offseason, well I would say 50-50 he is traded or remains a Ranger, but no need to dwindle on that we have 162+ games between now and then.