What city to call home for the next five to seven years?  What is the best situation for my family and I?  Is money a higher priority than winning now or location?

These are all questions that Cliff Lee has been pondering over, continues to do so, and if he hasn't answered to himself yet, will have to do so in the next few weeks, if not days.  Pretty soon Mr. Lee will have to make his decision of whether the media-driven life of New York City is more appealing than the laid back approach on North Texas.  Whether maybe a few dollars more from the Yankees over a 45-minute flight home from Arlington is more important.

And what better to think over these questions than some time alone, some time to himself, some time spent doing a hobby and relaxing.  So what is Cliff's hobby...hunting.  Right now it is deer season, and that might be the perfect time for Cliff to ponder these burning questions that two fan bases would die to know the answers.

Earlier today I found out from a source who personally is aware of the situation, that "Cliff Lee and Tommy Hunter are currently on a guided deer hunt together."  That is all the information, no idea where they are, and who else is with them, but it sounded as though they were the only MLB players on this expendition. 

Here's where the salt must be taken, when you picture in your head super-free-agent Cliff Lee and Texas Rangers starting pitcher Tommy Hunter out together deer hunting with plenty of time to talk about, well whatever comes to mind.

I'm not saying that this will be a huge factor in Lee's decision, not at all.  It is going to come down to which team offers Lee the "big money" and offers a contract of at least six years.  Those will be the biggest deciding factors.

However I do feel a lot more comfortable knowing that in the hours leading up to this decision that Lee is spending time with "Big Game" Tommy Hunter of the Rangers as opposed to say CC Sabathia.  What Lee will decide, I still have no clue.  Just that it is interesting that he is hanging out with current Ranger players, and that's all...it's interesting.