The national media didn't waste any time pointing out the Rangers are in trouble because Lee won't be back until game three of the American League Championship Series.

Rangers fans need to forgive the national media, they're not the morons they seem to be; they just haven't met CJ Wilson.

Before the Rangers had finished showering Josh Hamilton with Ginger Ale minutes after advancing to the ALCS, experts everywhere began focusing on Lee and how much it hurts the Rangers to have to wait until game three to use him again.

I disagree.

I disagree because the Rangers supporting cast beyond the ace at the top is just as good, if not better than the Yankees.

Should the Rangers win one of the first two games at Rangers Ballpark, they have Lee going in game three to try and take the lead in the series.

Lee would also be the first starter out of the gate in the three games at Yankee Stadium instead of rookie Tommy Hunter.

Not that Hunter couldn't handle the job, something he'll have to do in game four, but Lee is a much better guy in the first road game of the series.

CJ Wilson dazzled baseball with his game two start in the Division Series, causing even some in the media to say he has to pitch twice in the ALCS for the Rangers to win.

Wilson has pitched against the Yankees at home in big games before and has been successful not to mention coming off a dominating start in his first playoff game against the Rays who beat the Yankees for the AL East title.

Which of course brings me to my point that CJ Wilson is the key player in the ALCS, not Lee. 

Wilson gets the ball in game one and again in game five if the series goes beyond four games.

Should Wilson win both of those starts and Lee continue his postseason brilliance in game three, the Rangers would at worst be up three games to two coming back to Arlington for game six.

With Lee scheduled to start again if the series goes to game seven the Rangers would be in very good shape going into the final two games of the series, but it all depends on Wilson.

On the flip side, if Wilson fails to win both starts then the Rangers would have to get better production from Colby Lewis and Hunter than they got in the ALDS.

As dominating as Lee and Wilson were, Lewis and Hunter simply didn't execute when it mattered most.

However, both Lewis and Hunter have shown they can take control of a game and ride a small lead through nine innings.

Don't forget it was Lewis who out pitched Lee earlier this season months before the trade making Lee a Ranger.

In other words, the Rangers have more pitchers beyond Lee but the most important is Wilson.

He's the domino that could determine if the Rangers can pull off the upset and unseat the defending champion Yankees.

Win both of his starts and the Rangers could be well on their way to their first World Series appearance.

Split the two starts or worse lose them both and the Rangers will have to hope the other pitchers in the rotation step up their game to the next level.

Either way this series should be entertaining from start to finish and could easily go seven games.