The Rangers need to find other ways to deal with the boredom of Spring Training in mid-March.

According to multiple reports Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg will resign his post as soon as Friday to pursue other interests.

Multiple sources have said a rift has developed between Greenberg and Rangers President Nolan Ryan over Greenberg's overreach in his role as CEO including one report that Ryan told the Rangers financial backers it was either Greenberg or him.

There are also reports Greenberg essentially killed a deal the Rangers had in place to trade Michael Young by demanding the disgruntled star remove the interest owed on the deferred money in his contract.

Such a move would devalue his contract which is a clear violation of the collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the player's union.

One thing is crystal clear at the moment, whatever the cause a major problem developed between Greenberg and Ryan and it appears the team's ownership group made the right decision to not mess around with the baseball operations side of the business.

Instead it will be Greenberg who is shown the door in what has to be one of the most stunning developments in club history.

We'll have more at Let's Talk Rangers as the story develops.