For years now many of those outside of New York and Boston have accused the once great ESPN of a gross East Coast bias in terms of its baseball coverage.

Anger from other fan bases has been due to the bombardment of coverage each season of the Red Sox and Yankees on ESPN, including national broadcasts of virtually every game played between the two clubs.

ESPN personality Colin Cowherd, backed by anonymous sources that could easily be kids in his neighborhood, has made vile and slanderous accusations at Rangers ace Cliff Lee; accusations the Rangers starter has vigorously denied.

According to Cowherd's "sources" Lee is mailing it in this season and will only pitch well against contenders he hopes to join in the offseason.

First of all, Cowherd and his sources clearly do not know Cliff Lee or how the ace goes about his business. Lee's not petty and doesn't tank starts because he hated the trade to both Seattle and Texas.

Cliff Lee was on a roll with Seattle and lasted at least 8 innings in the majority of his starts with both the Mariners and the Rangers.

Yeah, he's tanking on purpose all right.

Cowherd's evidence to support his ridiculous claim is Lee's performance against the Orioles since his trade to Texas.

Lee did not pitch well in either of his starts against the O's, but his overall body of work in both Texas and Seattle has been historical and pure brilliance.

With a little run support from both Seattle and now Texas, Lee would be on track to win more than 20 games in addition to setting all kinds of records for control.

Cowherd clearly hasn't been paying attention to Lee's starts outside of his performances against the Orioles because he would see there's no basis for his ridiculous notion that Lee hates it in Texas and only wants to pitch well in front of teams he'd like to sign after the season.

Then again, that would involve not only a logical look at the situation, but go against the ESPN policy of promoting the Yankees and Red Sox above all else in sports.

Cowherd clearly has an agenda, otherwise why say anything at all?

If he's right then saying these things publicly serves no purpose at all as Lee would jump to the Yankees before Thanksgiving. 

The problem for Cowherd and the Yankees is Cliff Lee likes it in Texas.

It's a fun, but professional clubhouse full of guys who win and have a good time doing it.

It's a lineup filled with good hitters that can provide plenty of run support once it's healthy in a couple of weeks.

Nolan Ryan is the team president and minority owner, a fact that is not getting anywhere near the attention it deserves.

The new ownership group can and will offer Lee over $20 million a year, just like the Yankees.

Now for the biggest reason Cowherd pulled this stunt, and what should scare Yankee fans everywhere in terms of Cliff Lee.

The Rangers core is younger and better than the aging Yankee core and the farm system for Texas is loaded with even more talent setting the Rangers up for a run lasting many seasons.

The Yankees are old and the farm system isn't anywhere near as deep as the system in Texas. A team like the Rangers that adds a better opportunity to win over the next five years and can pay Lee what he's asking for has the edge over the evil empire.

Did I mention Lee's offseason home is in Arkansas, a short flight away from Arlington?

Cowherd and the Yankee fans he champions clearly want Lee in pinstripes and see a decent chance that won't happen so he makes up a story, attaches "anonymous sources" to it and feeds it to the public.

Luckily most of us won't buy it, something else Cowherd didn't consider before performing such a stunt.