I know this is a Rangers blog and there are plenty of things going on with the AL Champs, but what's going on with Jeff Bagwell and his Hall of Fame candidacy is beyond disgusting.

While no one, including myself, expected Bagwell to gain entry into the Hall of Fame in his first year on the ballot, it's the reason why that is, for lack of a better word, crap.

That reason you may ask: alleged...yes alleged use of steroids.

Apparently to most of the morons who voted for the Hall of Fame this year and fans that simply don't like Jeff Bagwell it's impossible for players who played through the steroid era to put up big numbers without the juice.


This really scares me for when guys like Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Young have their turns on a Hall of Fame ballot.

Bagwell is a career .297 hitter with 449 home runs and over 1500 RBI playing half his career in the pitchers haven that was the Astrodome.

He played his entire major league career for the Houston Astros after being traded to the club from Boston as a minor leaguer in 1990.

He was a member of the first Astros team to not only win a playoff series but also a player on the first and only National League Championship team the Astros have had.

He achieved everything in the game through a relentless work ethic and despite everyone crying foul with his numbers has never, not one time been linked to any kind of performance enhancing drugs; yet because he had great numbers in Major League Baseball's dark era he had to have cheated.

Nonsense and absolutely criminal in every way.

Now for those of you brainiacs who insist Bagwell took steroids let me dump a water tower of cold water on your argument.

For starters Bagwell was always a muscular player and built muscle at a natural rate throughout his career; unlike Barry Bonds who went from Rickey Henderson to Jose Canseco in a single off-season.

Second, it was shoulder arthritis that ended Bagwell's career not a failing of his various joints like Bonds suffered with his knees. This is important of course because one of the many side effects of steroid use is a relentless attack on the body's joints.

Third and easily the most important, he has never tested positive for steroids and never been linked in any steroid investigation.

Game, set and match.

In a time when many of baseball's best players have been linked to steroids baseball should put guys like Bagwell on the biggest pedestal they can find because he put up Hall of Fame numbers and did so 100% clean.

Instead they allow a ridiculous witch hunt that makes the Salem Witch Trials look like a sorority fight to continue and every player who played through the steroid era now finds themselves having to explain their numbers.

If this nonsense can happen to a slam dunk Hall of Famer like Jeff Bagwell then we might as well close the doors to Cooperstown because it will no longer have the best players from each generation because baseball didn't have the guts to fight for those who didn't cheat.

Jeff Bagwell being refused entry into the Hall of Fame because people think he cheated is disgraceful.

In the end it's Bagwell who got cheated.