When Neftali Feliz was in the upper levels of the Rangers farm system, one of his coaches told the press once he reached the major leagues he'd never look back.

I bring this up because it is precisely the same thing I thought while watching top prospect Jurickson Profar play the second half of the Rangers exhibition against AAA Round Rock last night.

Lightening quick on the basepaths making Craig Gentry look like Bengie Molina.

Unbelievable range up the middle, in fact he could probably play the left side of the infield all by himself.

Not joking there either after he made it in position to field a ball behind the third baseman on a routine ground ball to third, not in the hole, right at the third baseman.

Impeccable glove work and throwing mechanics in the field whether sitting back waiting on the ball or charging a chopper into no man's land behind the pitcher.

A sweet, silky smooth swing with some power potential when he puts on some weight as he gets older.

All of this from a 19 year old kid.

I joked with Let's Talk Rangers columnist Matthew Irby that it was like watching Spiderman play shortstop; thus a nickname was born.

Jurickson "Spiderman" Profar.

If the Rangers sign Ian Kinsler to a long term extension Profar will be blocked at the big level for way too long sparking a flurry of trade talk, but after what I saw last night the Rangers future will be much better served by either moving Kinsler somewhere else on the diamond or letting him walk.

Profar is quite possibly the best prospect the Rangers have had since a 19 year old Pudge Rodriguez was throwing darts to second base in Arlington Stadium.

They simply have to make room for this kid at shortstop somehow because the only player in all of baseball that would be worth including Profar in the deal is Felix Hernandez.

Nothing against the other top players in baseball, but that's the level this kid has already reached and he's not even 20 yet.

The Rangers I'm sure are in full preparation for what to do when Profar is ready for the big leagues and have already shown willingness in the past to move anyone on the roster to another position to bring up a prospect.

Ian Kinsler may be next.

The way Profar is progressing the Rangers best infield alignment either next season, or certainly by 2014, will have Elvis Andrus at 2nd base and Profar playing shortstop.

The real question is what to do about Ian Kinsler, especially if the Rangers are able to sign him to an extension.

The Rangers have plenty of time to work all this out as there's no telling how long Profar will be at AA Frisco, but the kid is already showing big league ability in all aspects of the game and unless they've already made up their mind to keep him at AA all season long no matter what, Profar could find himself at AAA Round Rock before the season is over.

No doubt Profar is on a collision course with the Major Leagues and once he cracks the big league club he'll never look back.